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Leben vor der Stadt

The research project asks how the single-family house can be reimagined and lived in a new way.

In collaboration with Felix Plachtzik.
Researchers & Clients:
Verena Loidl M.Eng., Dr.-Ing. Valerie Rehle M.A., PD Dr. Anja Reichert-Schick, Prof. Dr.-Ing. Christina Simon-Philipp
Wüstenrot Stiftung & Hochschule für Technik Stuttgart

Seven unique perspectives on the single-family house.
For each topic, there are scientific articles and photo galleries.

Studio Brot

Studio Brot - a bunch of creatives who gathered in Stuttgart to mix up the local advertising landscape with their bold ideas

Interaction & UI, Branding & Layout by Studio Brot.
Interaction & UI, Branding & Layout by Studio Brot.
Interaction & UI, Branding & Layout by Studio Brot.

Pivo Studios

A collective of highly creative individuals with a great spirit. Directors, DoPs, Photographers, Colorists, Editors & Digital Artists.

3D Can & Pixel Liquid for Pivo Studios, Branding by Studio Brot.
3D Logo in Pixel Shader for Pivo Studios, Branding by Studio Brot.
UI & Page Transition for Pivo Studios, Branding by Studio Brot.


Making users aware that their seemingly small contribution can have a big impact.

Research and Text: Sabrina Ebitsch,
Development: Stefan Kloiber,
Digital Design: Sebastian Winter,
Editing: Christoph von Eichhorn, Christian Helten, Isabel Kronenberger, Sören Müller-Hansen,
Final Editing: Florian Kaindl,
Testing: Malte Hornbergs

Users evaluate their individual situation.
Small achievements are scaled up - from day to month to year...
Up until scrolling becomes a haptic measure and fingers slowly go numb.


"In Stuttgart, we see the unused potential of the Neckar. We want to bring the river back into people's awareness and create a place for exchange, education and experience for our city by the water."

Design in collaboration with Felix Plachtzik.

An overview of formats with topics and events happening on the island.
Focussing on strong images to convey the essence of each format.
Collecting and sharing resources on the topic of water to simplify research about the river.

Previous Experience

At Strichpunkt Design and during freelance projects:
Crafting brand identities and interfaces for renowned companies, including various German automotive brands, DHL, Deutsche Post, Frankfurter Allgemeine Zeitung, Almdudler, Telefónica, and more.
 Profilbild Sebastian Winter
Name Sebastian Winter

Sebastian Winter is a Designer who fell in love with code. Design has to thrive interaction. Design has to challenge its creator. Design is a powerful tool that has the ability to shape society and therefore can change the world. Nevertheless, design has to be fun!

Sebastian, where does the fun happen?

I had fun in • Design School. I had fun at university • MEDIENDESIGN RAVENSBURG. Read about my experience there in the • PAGE MAG. I had fun at • STRICHPUNKT DESIGN 2016 - 2022. I'm having fun with • STADTLÜCKEN e.V. & • Neckarinsel Initiative. I'm having fun teaching at • HBK Essen, • MEDIENDESIGN RAVENSBURG & • Bauhaus Universität Weimar. And I'm having fun freelancing.

Working in design means working with good people. Together we create rewarding work.
• German Design Award 2024 – Newcomer Finalist
• AWWWARDS 2023 | Honorable Mention /w @studiobrot
• aed neuland 2021 | Anerkennung
• ADC Talent Award 2021 | Auszeichnung
• Red Dot Award 2018

In the end it is about the people – a creative network and sharing good times. You see? I’m having fun all over the place.

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German Design Award Newcomer Finalist 2024: Sebastian Winter

The Newcomer Award of the German Design Council promotes young designers who draw attention to themselves through extraordinary achievements and creative talent.

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